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2022 Rates

We understand that there are a million different ways to go about recording a project, that's why we provide you options on how you'd like to structure your upcoming project.

If you think you can finish a song in a day, then the "Day Rate" may be your best option. However, if you figure the song will take longer than a day, you can save money by going with the "Per-Song Rate" and make use of the studio with less pressure on time-limitations.

Mixing/Mastering is not a service offered within the day-rate option. It will be an additional fee if you chose for the song to be mixed at Light Machine Records.

Days are typically from 10am - 6pm
All rates INCLUDE engineer (Jeff Zipp)


(Indie) Day Rate: $400+GST  (10am - 6pm)
(Indie) Per-Song Rate: $750+GST (includes 2 days of recording)
(Indie) Mixing Rate: $350+GST (unattended, includes 2 revisions free of charge)

Mix Stems: $50/song

Hourly Rate:
$80 + GST (per hour)
For all other rates (TV/Film/Broadcast) Please contact us directly: 604 619 5949

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