We understand that there are a million different ways to go about recording a project, that's why we provide you options on how you'd like to structure your upcoming project.

If you think you can finish a song in a day, then the "Day Rate" may be your best option. However, if you figure the song will take longer than a day, you can save money by going with the "Per-Song Rate" and make use of the studio with less pressure on time-limitations.

Mixing/Mastering is not a service offered within the day-rate option. It will be an additional fee if you chose for the song to be mixed at Light Machine Records.

Days are typically up to 10 hours.

(Indie) Day Rate: $350+GST 

(Indie) Per-Song Rate: $650+GST

(Indie) Mixing Rate: $250+GST

Hourly Rate:

$75 + GST (first hour)

$50 + GST (Additional Hours)

For all other rates (TV/Film/Broadcast) Please contact us directly: 604 619 5949

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