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Jeff Zipp is a Producer/Engineer/Mixer


Jeff got his start in the music industry when he was signed to 604 Records at the age of 20. From there he quickly became known as the go-to session guitar player for the record label, touring, recording & performing with many of their artists.


After 4 years of working with a wide range of bands, he opened up his first recording studio with the intention to expand his knowledge and skills in music.


Upon opening the studio, he attracted a large clientele ranging from producing and recording bands to film & commercial.


Jeff was awarded a Platinum Record for his work with Dani & Lizzy’s song “Dancing In The Sky”. He has recorded music for ABC/20th Century Fox’s hit TV series “Big Sky”, and also works for The Amazing Race (USA), recording music in each of the countries the show travels to. 


Today, Jeff's producer/mixer/engineer/musician credits have amounted to over 7M streams on Spotify and over 65M on Youtube. Jeff is quickly becoming one of Vancouver's most in-demand record producers.

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